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ONT Mismatch/NAD Key

In early January my services were cut-off by BT due to an ONT mismatch between my property and my neighbours (who had requested a change of service provider, hence the cut-off).

It's a relatively new development we live in and I've been told these issues can be quite common as there can be mix-ups between the developers plot numbers when they change to addresses. Anyway, openreach had to come along and make sure the ONT's at our addresses were correctly registered (they were not) and that should allow BT to get us back up and running. 

So, all done and new order placed with BT with the new digital voice service which apparently is the future for landlines. Unfortunately on activation this service didn't work. Lots of troubleshooting followed and the latest information gathered was that there may be a mismatch with the NAD key registered  to our ONT. This was found as when BT tried to restart my smarthub remotely nothing happened and there was a clear difference when stating the devices connected to the hub on their system (we worked out it may be mismatched with a neighbour 2 doors down). 

The latest issue has been present since mid-january when the ONT mismatch was resolved with no signs of the fault getting fixed anytime soon (based on the amount of calls i've had repeating the same tests to find the same error). How complex a fault (NAD key mismatch) is this to fix and what timeframe should be expected to resolve this? At the moment its in the hands of the fibre connections team but i've no idea if it's been escalated to openreach.

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Re: ONT Mismatch/NAD Key

Unfortunately all you can do is talk to the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787

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Re: ONT Mismatch/NAD Key

Yeah, that doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere anytime soon with this.

I get the impression it could be a complex issue and when tasked with passing it onto openreach they are falling short in explaining whats required in order to resolve the problem.

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