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ORBB Appointment - Cancelled?



I spoke with @BTCare over twitter, and also got a telephone call, regarding my line being a little unstable and there being a lot of noise on it.


For some reason, an appointment got made with the Openreach Broadband team, and I got an email saying my appt was on the 19th of Dec, all good and well. This was about a month and a half ago.


Strangely, after two weeks the line stopped being noisy and everything returned to normal, which I was more than happy with.

However, I then tried to get in touch with @BTCare over twitter, and asked to have my appointment cancelled and got no response. I then asked to confirm if it had been cancelled, and got no response. This carried on for about a week. I then had to change my username for another reason, and ended up filling in the Twitter form about Monday/Tuesday this week...


I explained that I had to change my username and the original problem, but I still haven't had a reply.


I now have just under a week to solve it before they OR man will turn up to my doorstep, and therefore I'll have to foot the unnecessary £130 bill that I really could do with avoiding.


If anyone had any guidance it'd be most gratefully recieved.


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Re: ORBB Appointment - Cancelled?

presume you mean appointment 19Jan not DEC - just 2 days.  try CS India 08001114567  and if no joy then drop email to mods but problem it can take up to 3 days depending on how busy mods are

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Re: ORBB Appointment - Cancelled?

Hi just a bit confused about your post this identical post has been posted 3 times now on the 11/12.11 and 03/1/and now this one on the 17/1/12 under 3 different user names with the same post title
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