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Odd Calls!!!!

Over the past couple of months I have received quite a few calls from people telling me that I have called them when I knew that I had not. The first three were from Italy, one being a restaurant, fortunately having worked in Italy some years ago I speak bad Italian! Since then I have received quite a few calls from the UK both landlines and mobile the last one being yesterday morning.

I have Googled the problem and it seems that I am not alone and that numbers can be cloned and used for who knows what?  Some of the posts go back three to four years. The phantom calls do not show on my account and they do not leave a message or talk the the number that receives the call so I do not understand the point, other than being bloody annoying!

I have called BT and after waiting for 25 minutes I was told that the matter would be reported to security and I would receive a call back, I am still waiting.

has anyone received such calls or have knowledge of the problem?

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Re: Odd Calls!!!!


Welcome to this user forum.

Numbers can be spoofed not cloned. It just means that a scammer has used your number to call a number of people.

A call blocking phone can help, as you can get unknown callers to announce themselves, and then chose to ignore them.

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Re: Odd Calls!!!!


Thank you for your response to my post.

I used the wrong term when I called it 'cloned' but I still do not understand the point of it other than annoying factor! Is there anything going on here that I have missed? Is it a certain type of scam?

I understand the concept of call blockers but that would only block the people that have received the phantom calls and do not have any affect on the **bleep** that are making the calls using my number.

There are posts going back three to four years yet this is the first I have read about it and I do take a keen interest in scams.

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Re: Odd Calls!!!!

@Grinch32 wrote:

I still do not understand the point of it other than annoying factor!

It's probably because the scammers' equipment makes more calls than than they can physically handle.

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