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Odd bug in My BT

I recently transferred three mobiles from EE to BT. Two are fully activated and the third is in progress. However, if I go into My BT and try to enquire about things such as voicemail and a PUK code, the following error message appears: "Product not present. As per our records there is no Mobile product on this account."

Curiously, however, if I look at Bills and usage/Usage, all three numbers are shown correctly. But there's no way to find SIM information or a PUK. 

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Re: Odd bug in My BT

Hi @segillum sorry that you can't manage your mobile on line. This is most likely because the 3rd mobile order on your account is still open. If the order is closed then call 0800 800 150 and the BT Mobile team will be able to help fix the problem with your online account.



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Re: Odd bug in My BT

That's very helpful and reassuring, many thanks. I'll await events 😉


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Re: Odd bug in My BT

Six days change, unfortunately. 

I ported three mobiles over from EE three weeks ago. Since then the web site has continually stated "As per our records there are no mobile products on this account" although it shows all three numbers under 'Usage' (along with the three temporary numbers issued during the changeover, which have long since stopped working). 

The helpline has said twice that it is necessary to wait 72 hours for the web site to update. It's now had at least 336 hours to do so. 

Still, there's always a silver lining. All three mobiles work fine but if BT thinks there are none on the account they won't be expecting me to pay for them! Happy days. 

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