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Odd ip addresses appearing on our internal network



I am trying to help a person who is anxious about the security of his computer.  He has BT fibre broadband running through a BT Hub5 and has installed BT Virus Protect on his Windows 10 PC.

He spends a lot of time exploring the security of his pc and asks for answers to what this or that is. But today he has presented me with a question I cannot find the answer to.


Specifically if he goes to the BT Virus Protect App/Home/My info/See Security History the it shows a list of 'Suspicious incoming network connection blocked' entries.  I can see a number that are within the local subnet of to the router at  However I can also see a lot of connections from ip addresses that shouldn't be there which is odd.  These are for instance trying to scan port 53802 etc.


What I don't understand is how these ip addresses get on the local network.  It's as if the router is allowing direct internet access on the local network and passing these onto his pc.


Can anyone explain. BT Virus Protect Security History 640.jpg

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Re: Odd ip addresses appearing on our internal network

Bump, anyone?

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Re: Odd ip addresses appearing on our internal network

Your friend is probably connecting to content delivery networks - don't worry, most people do, albeit unwittingly. You can check who the IP belongs to by typing whois into your browser. The top IP address in your pic belongs to Akamai Technologies, a CDN. Have a read of this - Why Is My Computer Connecting to Akamai Technologies?

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Re: Odd ip addresses appearing on our internal network

Thanks for that.


So your saying that these addresses are in response to a request from his computer.  If they are in response, how come they are being blocked?

I don't quite get exactly how the external ip addresses show up in a LAN situation.

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Re: Odd ip addresses appearing on our internal network

Sorry for the delayed reply. Been away for a while.

I don't know much about McAfee but my guess is that there are IP address ranges that are set up to be automatically blocked by the firewall. If this is causing problems to him - i.e., he's unable to access websites/data - he may be able to whitelist them.

If I recall, McAfee has a support page that may be able to advise.

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