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Re: Ofcom wants to ban misleading broadband speed ads

@wedding wrote:

I think with the use of the word 'theoretical' you have more or less hit the nail on the head, minusdot. Perhaps it would not be beyond the wit of man (sorry, person is what I meant) to include a small table or even a rough graph in advertising showing very approximately the expected speed against distance from the exchange. (I do know that geographical distance can be quite different from cable distance.) That might give potential subscribers less to moan about when they get only a quarter of the max theoretical speed.  I suppose for FTTC it would be more problematic as it is more or less distance to the cabinet that dictates speed.



I just can't see a way for it to be accurate and simple enough in an advert.


Perhaps Ofcom are hoping that we'll go back to having different prices for different speeds - possibly with the old artificial quotas so that you buy 1, 2 or 8Mbps package and have some guaranteed service level. I can understand that those on slower speeds might rub their hands in glee at seeing folk with faster lines having to pay more. But I personally think that's just stupid and petty and I prefer BT's approach of giving the fastest service they can to all customers.


I would like more to be done to get everyone on a minimum 2Mbps connection. I thought ADSL2 was designed partly for that to extend the distance that they could deliver ADSL. But I can't see this decision helping and I can see it making matters worse.

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Re: Ofcom wants to ban misleading broadband speed ads

"The fastest speed we can provide on your line, guaranteed! (Maximum XMb/s, Typical speeds will be considerably lower)"

Simples 🙂
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