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Offline Team - Do they exist?

Does this so call offline team exists ? 

I have been trying to book an home move for last 8 weeks, Every time I have been advised there is an issue it needs to be passed on to the offline team however there is no response from this so called offline team after that. 

The day before the move I was advised I will be sent an Halo mini hub which never turned up. However plug-in my existing router in the new property seems to work so I never bothered chasing BT after that.

Now as it stand the new tenants taken over my line, so I got an email from BT they will be cancelling my account and I should return all my equipment. Back on the phone to the customer service team and now they suggest I have to create a new account and do a credit check on my file because the previous one has been cancelled, however they cannot place an order because of an existing fault and it has been passed on to the offline team again!!!!!

I have been a long time customer with BT, I am running out of patience with BT and thinking of switching all my account broadband and mobile to some competent provider.

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Re: Offline Team - Do they exist?

Hi @sujitnair,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post. I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your home move.

To answer your question, Yes we do have offline teams and they pick up complex cases which can't be fixed there and then.

Normally we will only ask you to place a new order if it's going to be the quickest way to get your service connected. More than likely the take over request from the tenants is what is causing the issue. It might be best if we take a look into this for you. I have sent you a private message.



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Re: Offline Team - Do they exist?

Thanks for looking into this.

I don't accept for it not be resolved for 8 weeks, its not a brand new development. Everytime I ring the time frame is 72 hours but I don't hear anything afterwards. Just frustrating waiting for 10 min to connect to advisor to be told the same thing everytime.

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Re: Offline Team - Do they exist?

Hi @sujitnair ,

The offline team(s) do exist, but I think they are often the fall guys when standard processes fail.

Are you an FTTC customer or FTTP? I can't think of any circumstances why you would get service with your router in a new property (using FTTC) unless you were benefiting from the previous owners account still being live. 


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Re: Offline Team - Do they exist?

I have been ringing BT everyweek till my actual move date to get an update on this, everytime I am being told they raising a new request with so called offline team and someone will call me but no one does.

This opinion is based on my interaction with BT so far, either customer reps don't know what they doing or the offline team is very incompetent and don't care about their customers.

I am a FTTC user and I am glad the Internet is active on my new premise even if its not my account, since both of us working from home this outage otherwise would have been very expensive for us.


To add further, I am a halo customer and I was told by two different customer rep that a mini hub would be sent out on the day of move but none turned up either. 


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