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Oh, yes... Another broadband connectivity thread!



For the last week or two our BT Hub has been disconnecting and reconnecting whenever it feels like it, and has also occasionally run at very low speeds.


I've noticed that many people seem to have had this problem, but I'll give you some info on my setup and what I've seen happen.


  • Our Broadband is connected via an Ethernet cable. It always has been.
  • Firmware version: 6.2.6H
  • We've had BTVision for about 6 months with no issues (I don't think this has anything to do with the problems)
  • Both the broadband and internet lights go out. Not just the internet.
  • I've noticed that it's far more likely to cut out when left untouched for a minute or two (no longer than that) - a toilet visit, making a cup of tea etc..
  • It almost always cuts out when I start my computer (I keep an eye on the lights). I've given the computer an MOT and it's still happening.
  • When all is well, it runs quicker than it ever has (up to 6mb). I'm assuming that there's upgrading going on everywhere (21st Century Network, ADSL2, Fibre to cabinet etc..)
  • Area code = 01934 (Weston-super-Mare)

I remember when I 'upgraded' from the old speedtouch modem (about 2mb) to the hub (about 4mb), and the speedtouch doing a similar thing until the hub was installed - disconnecting and reconnecting at will.


Iit's happening to so many people I can't believe it's individual issues. Firmware? Bad update? Exchange problem/maintenance?


Any help would be gladly recieved, especially from those who've posted about similar problems. How did you get it sorted?


Thanks in advance.


- James

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Re: Oh, yes... Another broadband connectivity thread!

Just as I finished typing my reply and pressed 'Post' the blasted connection disconnected again. As indeed it did when I tried to respond to the customer services survey. Even more annoyingly, everything I typed disappeared - as did my responses to the survey!

And it disconnected when I registered. It was second time lucky with that one!!

This is CRAZY and BT must try and find a permanent solution.

Have now typed this offline, just in case....

For the record, I am on wireless, never download music or video but do google a lot.

I have had two Type A hubs and last week was sent a Type B. It disconnected within an hour of setting up but worked fine over the weekend with not one, to my knowledge, disconnect.

Since Monday though, it has been driving me nuts with frequent disconnects though I have not been able to work out a pattern.

Can I just say though that I have no plans to leave BT as, in general, I have been happy with the service, but this is plainly NOT good and a solution MUST be found.


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Re: Oh, yes... Another broadband connectivity thread!

post up yer Router stats. Is there any Noice on your Line. When using phone can u here a crackling sound?

I am no expert. Correct me when I am wrong. Learning is good!
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