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Well, I never got any massive speed increase that I hoped for............and would never use anyway:)


Replacement Hub and Modem all appear to be working well. Speed issues seem more to be bad reporting from the BT speed tester than anything else and I am afraid to say, a somewhat knackered poor old computer with 2Mb of ram, 2 monitors and upto 15 screens being open. PCU is only a 2 duo running at 1.8 so cannot really say anything but maybe time to upgrade......again.


Main problem I think is the graphics (ATI 4300HD 1 Gig ram) on this computer being unable to cope with what I demand of it.


So, poor old BT, I have no complaints other than can you give me a better computer?


I use my system basically for email and trading financial markets. Bandwidth more important than outright speed really and besides can anyone honestly say they use the full speed ot 76+ mbps. Site traffic and traffic shaping alone stop any access to sites at a great speed.


Don't tell me....someone is going to come back and say they do..............:)

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Re: Okay

Only time I use the full whack is newsgroups, even then it's to download the odd show from the US that takes all of about 4 minutes if that!
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