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Old Account


My Experian Credit Account is showing that I have a £99 defaulted BT account. I closed a BT account in 2015 linked to an old flat. I have never received anything from BT or a debt collector saying that I have a defaulted account. I first became aware of the alleged default when I checked my Credit Report. I dispute that I owe £99 in termination fees.

I phone BT and gave all the details I had (my name and old address) - I couldn't give an old account number. BT said they had no record of the account but if I spoke to Experian they would be able to query it and sort it out. After almost 6 weeks Experian has come back to me saying that they spoke to BT and that there was indeed a record of defaulted amount of £99 on my account and that I would need to phone the BT helpline again to sort it.

I have just phoned the BT helpline and spent an hour on the phone to Poppy. After checking with her Supervisor Poppy informed me that there was no record of my account on the system and the only way I could resolve this is to phone Experian and raise a query. I patiently explained that I had already done this and they hold told me that Experian had spoken to BT and BT had said that the only way to resolve this was to phone the BT helpline. However, despite this Poppy insisted that I had to raise with Experian again - I explained that it would likely take another 6 weeks of Experian talking to BT and, in all liklihood, BT would say exactly the same thing - i.e. phone the BT helpline. Poppy said there was nothing else she could do. I asked to speak to Poppy's Supervisors (who she told me are called Andy / Declan) and she refused saying they would tell me exactly the same thing.

I then asked if Poppy could send me a short simple email or letter explaining precisely what she had just told me. That way I could prove to Experian that phoning the BT helpline would not help me resolve the matter. She said that because I was not an account holder BT does not have the "facilities" to do that. I queried with Poppy whether it was really correct that BT were unable to send me an email explaining, simply, what I had been told on the call - i.e. there was no record of my account and that I would have to speak to Experian - Poppy said that they could not confirm in writing what they had said to me. Again, I ask to speak to Poppy's supervisors and again Poppy declined.

Poppy then informed me that she was terminating the call as were going round in circles. I ensured I was unfailingly polite during the whole call, I didn't raise my voice, become aggressive or anything of a similar nature. I understand the call is recorded as of course and the above chain of events can therefore be checked by BT. I would also like to obtain a copy of the recording.

This alleged defaulted account is affecting my Credit Rating putting a new mortgage we are trying to secure in jeopardy.  This could cost us thousands of pounds. I have spoken to Experian and they have said they have had similar problems with BT and there is little they can do. 

I am at my wits end. Please help me?

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Re: Old Account

Hi @LukeMaier I'm really sorry you didn't get the help you needed when you called in, with the account being closed for 5 years it's very likely that it can't be found by customer services but we may be able to raise a case to our accounts/billing team to try and find out why that charge was raised. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team.

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