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Old alternative email accounts no longer accessible

I have been using BT for a while now and have a number of own domain email addresses set up for send only and I use these regularly.


I just notice today that I can no longer send emails using these accounts. I have tried to re-add these accounts, but seem to be facing problems with the verification part of the process:

1. The new account does not stay in the "Mail Accounts" list under mail options.

2. No verification email is received even though mail from a third source is received. (Note I use domain mail forwarding to send mails to my BT Yahoo email account). This suggests that BT Yahoo somehow recognise this being an existing account and refuses to re-send verification email.

3. Try setting a new account under the same domail works.


I do not want to set up a new set of domain email accounts unless there is absolutely no alternative.


Any one else experienced a similar issue?

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Re: Old alternative email accounts no longer accessible

Just to add a little bit more info on this issue:


1. When trying to re-set up previously set up email address, no verification email is received.

2. When trying to set up new email address, verification email is recieved.


The funny thing is that whenever I add these email accounts, BT Yahoo mail adds them to my list of contact email addresses. For each new email address I set up, a notification is sent to all the previously set up email addresses.


Did I mention that disappears from the Mail Option->Mail Accounts screen, but despite it says BT Yahoo is waiting for the email address to be verified in both instances.


How can I re-activate my old email accounts?

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