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Old iPad internet slow


My new iMac has fast wireless BT broadband but my dads iPad has slower internet well it takes longer to load pages we are of course using the same internet . How do i fix my dads iPad and stop it being so slow, is it a setting on the router because he has an old device?

are old slow speed talk talk worked on his iPad faster he says, i am not convinced as Bt now works faster on my iMac so i am again guessing its a Router problem maybe? 

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Re: Old iPad internet slow

Try turning off Smart Set up in the hub settings first

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Re: Old iPad internet slow

How old is the iPad ?, some older Apple kit isn’t supported and no longer getting updates etc , I had an iPad2 and the browsing experience was terrible, IOS was as up-to date as it was ever going to be, but apart from clearing cookies and history you have no way to change settings.

The Internet has many comments about it, I ended up buying a new IPad , built in obsolescence ?

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Re: Old iPad internet slow

Apart from some updates actually slowing down apple products (to save battery life, honest says Apple), the lack of updates and the now out of date browser will probably mean it crawls and before long may not even work.

I actually have a collection of really old machines and where the browsers still work, they are really slow trying to cope with modern websites . Some wont work at all (and a couple dont even have graphics let alone a browser, but hey it was the 70's)

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