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On min told I can order Infinity, next can't, Date changes for 4th time in row

I am on the ST JOHNS exchange in Worcester and I received a few emails from BT saying Infinity is ready to order so I go to put my order in and behold the date has changed......again. I was given a number from live sales chat to phone "0800800150" but took me through to sales the nice scottish lady there gave me another number for infinity and appolagised for the wrong information I received. the number I was given "08001114567" this took me over to india to a useless indian person who did not understand anything and was as useless as a chocolate teapot. So i just ended up hanging up in frustration.


Originally the date I was given for FTTC from my current ISP  "MURHPX" was september 2010 which was on the BT website aswell.

Then this changed to December 2010, then changed to 11th March 2011, then to end of march 2011 and now its changed to end of June 2011

Each time these dates have changed I receive an email saying Infinity is ready to order.


I am starting to get my hair off with BT, No wonder this country is in the **bleep** compared to other EU contries.

And however BT is gonna get the min of 30Mb/s speeds by 2020 set by the EU is anyones guess


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Re: On min told I can order Infinity, next can't, Date changes for 4th time in row

Im on worcester exchange currently in warndon villages. My dates have changed a fare few times. But mines now on 23rdMArch so il try to order tommorow and will keep you informed. I know Blackpole area has been  enabled for about 4 weeks now.

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