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On screen position of score

Why is it that on the Champions League coverage the score is displayed in the correct position at the top of the screen where it generally only obstructs the crowd, but on the Premier League coverage it's at the bottom of the screen where it's covering up parts of the pitch?


I'm sure Sky did this a few years ago, but quickly realised how unpopular it was and moved it back to the top. Please BT, don't be too proud to admit a mistake, and move it to the top where it should be!

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Re: On screen position of score

I think UEFA stipulate it must be in the top left, whereas BT prefer to put it at the bottom. This is why there is a difference.

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Re: On screen position of score

So the question really is, why do BT put it at the bottom, covering some of the pitch? Why not put it at the top out of the way like everyone else does? I'm all for innovation, and I do like BT Sport's presentation for the most part, but this seems like change for the sake of change, and unfortunately it is a change for the worse. I hope they re think this.

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Re: On screen position of score

UEFA require the scorebar and channel logo at the top of the screen and rightly so!


BT seem to want to be as irritating as possible with where they put it, getting in the way and then being very pig headed when people complain about it.

They still think the solid-coloured logo's when live are acceptable and just look at the massive BT Sport Europe HD LIVE & BT SPORTS ESPN HD LIVE logo's....

graphics and BT are like electricity and water - They don't mix!

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