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One of Two Master Sockets Doesn't Work



I have two master sockets in my living room, however one of them seems to not work for landline or broadband, only the other. However, I would like to have my teleophone and router connected to the master socket which currently doesn't work. What should I do? Why does one of the master sockets not work?


Thanks, Ralph.

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Re: One of Two Master Sockets Doesn't Work

Hi @ralphshack if it is a master socket it could be that the previous owner had 2 telephone lines. Could it just be an extension socket to the master? Maybe the previous owner had an extra bell with it being in the same room. You could have the extension wired up again its a simple job but it would not be recommended to plug the router into the extension socket.

You would be better to have to master socket professionally moved to the correct location. 


Edit.. if you went for a relocation option openreach would charge you around £130.

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Re: One of Two Master Sockets Doesn't Work

Most likely they are 2 separate phone lines. Many homes have 2 "pairs" of lines coming to the premises with 1 often unused.


Which socket is nearer to the point where the phone cable enters the house? It is likely the line for the 2nd socket passes behind the 1st socket. So if the 1st socket is the currently unused 1 that you wish to use it would be an easier job for an phone eng. to divert the line to the working 2nd socket to it.

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