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Ongoing fault - VOLO11 - 50281948630

Reported fault Tuesday May 24 after a real struggle to get thro to India and then understand him. Eventually he told me the fault was close to my property, not my fault  therefore no charge and fault would be repaired before 5 pm Friday May 27. At 3.30 on the 27th engineer turned up (why do they always arrive just before the deadline. He said the fault was at the exchange and he could fix it - alas he could not fix it and when I said ithe fault was near the house and I showed him the BT underground unit (now getting towards 5 pm and I suspect knocking off time) he said he was not qualified to investigate further. BT then infomed me via website that engineer would call today Sat 28th May before 5 pm - guess what now 5 pm and no engineer and no phone call, so where do I go from here.

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Re: Ongoing fault - VOLO11 - 50281948630

It sounds like your stuck with the common fault/problem with big organisations, the engineer who attended probably could have fixed the fault but wasnt allowed to.


The engineers are skilled in small areas of the BT network and can't go past their 'job description'.


If the fault is in the exchange you shouldn't need an engineer back to your house, as the dealine should be for an engineer to go to the exchange.


Hopefully they have fixed your line by now, but if you are still having a problem, you can either call 151 until you get an answer, complain via contact us or request a MOD from this forum.



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