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Online Billing - Wish I'd Never Joined BT

Why can't I see my online bill? I activated it months ago. I've tried clicking on the "Upgrade to eBilling" option and nothing happens. I've wasted 45minutes today going round in circles on this site.


Then calling to discuss my issue is no better. In-call recordings that suggest I try a different number yet the number suggested IS the number I've actually called.


As for the Call Agents...why are BT still using off-shore call centres? Do they not llisten to public opinion? It's not about xenophobia or racism it is simply about effective & efficient communication. Two agents I have spoken to couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand them. In countries traditionally associated with off-shores call centres, there are so many more job options available and with so many staff now skilled telephonists they are now demanding more money(rightly so) and that has meant that the cost of staffing off-shore centres has inceased so much that businesses now have to employ the least skilled staff to make the costings viable. It's clear that is what BT is currently doing.


Who suffers? We the customer suffer.


I can't wait to leave BT.

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Re: Online Billing - Wish I'd Never Joined BT

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to help you.




They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team




They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.

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