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Online billing hasnt been updated since 5th July, poor service as of late :(

I cant view this months bill, dont have a clue how much it is and when to pay it online by 😞


BT pull your finger out and get it sorted as service received from you guys is getting very slack as of late...

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Re: Online billing hasnt been updated since 5th July, poor service as of late :(


i have the exact same problem as you the recent usage section of my account has not been updated since 5th July, I have spent hours talking to BT via live chats and each time I've been told that it will be corrected within 24hours and then I am emailed regarding the issue saying that BT can view my usage fine from their end however, I can’t view any usage after 5th June.  I spoke to someone this morning regarding this problem and the problem was logged down as a phone line fault, not an online billing fault BT India have called me and said it was a misunderstanding on their part I requested that the phone fault be closed down but they have not done this despite my request.   I have to say that BT’s customer service is becoming extremely poor these days.  




Edit - I have just tried to log into my online account now I get this message:


The Billing service is unavailable at the moment - however please do use links on this page for other services available. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience - we'll be back shortly.

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