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Only offered 18 Month deal

Hi my bb/tv/line rental are all due for renewal in the next 2 weeks, i only have normal bb[ not infinty] so was looking into Infinty 1 deal with new tv package. Just got off the Phone with UK call center and the only deal they would offer is 18 Months! I have been with BT for many years and have never taken out 18 Month contract.


Tried to get a 12 Month deal but they just wont do it why? tempted to look elsewhere now . Plus when i quoted the deals available on the BT web site he said that those deals are for new cutomers only. Is it worth me trying again or shall i just go elsewhere?  Also  i pay £3.00 per month for my tv package i don'y get any extra channels for that just freeview, they told me that the £3.00 which i have been paying for the past 2 yrs is the rental on my Youview box is this correct? Many thanks 

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Re: Only offered 18 Month deal

Try customer options 0800 800 030 they should be able to help you