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Open Order

I ordered BTTV with an activation date of 10th August, this date worked with the ending of my Sky contract. I decided to sting forward the order to 13th July which I completed online, however the delivery date for the Youview STB was still displaying 10th August. A call to BT rectified this issue.

The service went live on 13th but the end date is still 10th August. I cannot progress any additional orders, mobile SIM deal. I have spoken to BT on Tuesday and the order is still shown as open.

Could any of the moderators resolve this issue?



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Re: Open Order

Hi @pwwwhitehead, the moderation team are really busy at the moment. When you called in did they say they were assigning it to another team to close off the order? If they have it should be sorted in the next couple of days. 

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Re: Open Order

On Tuesday when I raised this issue they actioned the Data Integrity Team. I was informed that they should close the order within 1-2 days. It's over that time frame, so I suppose I will just have to wait for the team to close the order.


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Re: Open Order

Hi @pwwhitehead, I'm so sorry about the delay, it really depends on how busy they are. The wait time for the mods is around 3 to 4 working days at the moment so I don't think we'd be able to sort this any sooner sorry. 

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Re: Open Order

Thanks for that. Still no closure of order. I was advised to call back Monday if order was still open. That would be 6 days. Shame as I want to order another product. Perhaps I can escalate Monday if nothing done. Thanks for your replies.

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