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Open RG Forcing Reboot

Whilst I appreciate that the HH4 in its simplicity is great for the novice or non-techie, with its remote checking and upgrading firmware etc. BUT its a pain for the IT techie - for example I appreciate we have a dynamic IP but sometimes the IP's change for no apparant reason. I have been with BT a few weeks and I see the HH4 can get a new IP from

(a) rebooting by user (b) remote reboot via OpenRG or (c) something in the MSLAN requires an IP change. However

my router has rebooted by a remote OpenRG command, not for firmware or anything I can detect but just for the sake of it. Question is: To minimise unnecessary operations is there anyway of blocking an incomming IP/web address manuallly in the HH4 itself to stop TR069 interrogrations. Otherwise unfortunately, despite the advances of the HH4, many techies are obliged to change their router to Netgear or whatever they prefer. Is there any middle ground here.

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Re: Open RG Forcing Reboot

This is an annoying bug in both the Home hub4 and home hub5. I don't think BT are actually sending a reboot command.


Unfortunately there seems to be no way to prevent it other than wait for BT to issue a firmware update.

Not sure if BT are even interested in fixing it because the bug has existed since the last firmware update that happened months ago.


I personally have given up on the homehub 5 and now use my own router.

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Re: Open RG Forcing Reboot

I'd assumed it was the BT/Motive server sending the OpenRG reboot request. Whether that's the case, or it's a firmware bug, these events certainly seem too regular to be spontaneous reactions to deteriorating line conditions or anything like that.


In my own case, there was a small flurry of these events on my HH5 one day in January, than a more or less regular pattern of single events, many at fortnightly intervals (precisely - to the minute) until the early hours of this morning when I had three (01:28, an hour later, and three hours later - again, pretty much to the minute).


What was novel this morning was that a new file was downloaded as part of one of the CWMP sessions: 5a.1.10-bundle5app etc. Wonder if that means a new version 1.10 of the firmware will be installed tonight, jumping intermediate versions after 1.6? (The test 1.7 version downloaded in January evidently wasn't ever started up.)


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