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Open Reach NTE5 Linebox

Hi, My BB speeds are very slow, generally between 0.6 and 0.9m.  My master terminal (which is situated inside a small utilities cupboard) is an OpenReach NTE5 box which has a flat frontface with no external sockets for connection of either phone or RJ external sockets. (i.e. I can only connect my BT HomeHub and phone to the 2 internal sockets around my home)  I have removed the front cover and connected my BT HomeHub directly to the test socket and my BB speeds are within BTs expected speeds for my line, i.e. I get a download speed of 5.8m.


I am thinking of purchasing BT NTE5a BT Version - 1036885 Faceplate / 1036886 and replacing just the lower half of the Linebox with this faceplate and using the single socket on the faceplace for my HomeHub connection, and rewiring my 2 remaining internal extensions just as they are on the current faceplate.


Can anyone confirm that the single socket on the faceplate routes directly to the test socket, i.e it wont act as an extension, inside so I can be sure to get the speed I get from the test socket.  Tks

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Re: Open Reach NTE5 Linebox

What you describe is an NTE5B


TheNTE with the phone scocket on the front is an NTE5A


Yes you can just change the faceplate

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