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Open & FON

BT should really stop blowing it's own trumpet regarding either of these two services. I'm based in central London and the service is constantly unavailable.

The damage to BT's brand by this lack of delivery is only compounded by its triumphant statements.

If it wants to truly own the mobile Internet space/cloud then it's about time they started to deliver. Because at present the service is not existent and totally unacceptable.
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Open & FON

If you had posted this 3 weeks ago I would have agreed with you but something has changed in the last 3 weeks and now not only can I find more Fon/openzone connections I can actually connect to them with no problem.  so much so my HTC is constantly 'pinging' that it has another connection as I walk along the street.


I am not in London but there are other post confiming better connections

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