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OpenReach 5C Socket - Orange/White wires

I have a new OpenReach 5C master socket in my home.

I'm having some connectivity issues, and so I decided to take a look inside the socket. I noticed that the wiring inside the socket (i.e. where the phone line comes in) has the orange wire in the "A" connection and the white wire in the "B" connection (the incoming green and black wires are not connected to anything).

But when I look at wiring pictures/instructions for the socket online, the white wire tends to be in A, and the orange wire in B, i.e. the other way around.

Is this an issue? Or are the wires interchangeable? My phone line has a dial tone, but my broadband is not working - could this be related?

(I've contacted BT support about this and they can see no fault – I'm trying to rule out internal wiring issues before arranging a call-out).


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Re: OpenReach 5C Socket - Orange/White wires

The wires either way round are fine

if you connect hub to the test socket with a filter what colour is hub light

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