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Re: Openreach Database Error

Thank you all for putting in the time to answer. Its been much appreciated.

A little background... All the properties in this locale were originally linked to the old cabinet number 6 which is about a mile away. Connection to the old cabinet is flakey and quite slow.  Cabinet 15 was installed a year or so back for new connections and to bring in a decent fibre connection. My next door neighbour has been connected. I requested BT install a second line for Superfast data in August. On the 12th November an engineer connects us to the new cabinet and the phone line is enabled. On the 27th November the broadband service (Superfast Fibre apparently) is turned on. Since then the speed on the new superfast fibre line has remained at 3Mb and the 'line checks' insist we are connected to Cabinet 6. I've allowed the 10+ days for the line to 'settle' but the data has yet to be updated.

Hub data - Modulation G_993_2_ANNEX_B

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Re: Openreach Database Error

Post hub stats as previously requested. Advanced settings then technical log information 

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Re: Openreach Database Error

My apologies. I though it was just the modulation data that was required.

I'll get the rest of the info tonight.

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Re: Openreach Database Error

There seems to be a lot of misinformation and "well I was told this by an engineer" here.

Bottom line, you have a connection from cab 6. When and if Opennreach decide to migrate you is entirely up to them.

At present there is no database issue.

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