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Openreach FTTC Roll out

I am posting on this forum to express my frustration with BT and Openreach and their mishandling of the Infinity roll out.


We live on the border of the Sale telephone exchange meaning that we only get internet speeds of around 1mbps.  Our neighbouring street cabinets have all  been upgraded but although we live on a new housing development with over 100 homes,  Openreach do not consider this as commercially viable.


My friend lives of the same exchange but closer.  Before infinity came along he managed to get a decent 18mbps internet speed whilst we are struggling to get 1mbps.  Openreach in its wisdom, then upgrade my friends cabinet to infinity giving him speeds close to 40mbps.  The disparity in the service continues.  Now BT have announced Infinity 2 and my friend will get speeds of around 80mbps.  We on the otherhand are still stuck with 1mbps (Not enough to watch a Youtube video or bbc iplayer or for more than one user in the house to use the internet).


Why on earth do Openreach not prioritise cabinet upgrades to those poor customers who through no fault of their own, happen to live a further distance from the exchange.  Even before Infinity came along those homes closer to the exchange benifitted form speeds some 18 x faster than our own.  


Does Openreach and BT consider it acceptable to have an 80 x variation in broadband speed?


We have lobbied or MP, Local council and even Openreach but to no avail.  We are 100 homes that appear to have been forgotton and our latest solution from Openreach is to stump up £15,000 to upgrade our cabinet. Why should we pay a small fortune to get an equal service to our neighbours and freinds who have paid nothing!


BT & Openreach you should be ashamed!



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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

possibly because they decided on which cabinets to upgrade based on demand so they can ensure sufficient return on investment to satisfy their business needs
last time i checked they are a public company not a charity
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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

Oenreach and BT are seperate companies, BT Retail have absolutley no say how fast or where Infinity is rolled out to, it is completley at openreach's discreson. If your spped has been lowered that much I would get in touch with BT retail, they will certainly be able to help with that and book an engineers appointment if needs be. I don't think that they would have purposley dis-advantaged you with your speed.



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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

I symphaise completely with the original poster. I too am in a similar situation, I'm on a new build estate in a town where the exchange is now Infinity enabled. There is currently between 100-200 houses run off the local cabinet, but will in time there will be up to 2200 on the same estate when it is finished. The broadband speed is absolutely terrible <1MB with constant dropouts and yet it appears that the local cabinet has been completely forgotten about. It's so frustrating we have even considered moving house because of the issue!


It appears that Openreach prioritises cabinets based on the number of connections on them, with little to no thought given to the speed of the existing copper connections and therefore how many people will upgrade. I'm sure on a cabinet where speeds of 15MB+ are attainable on copper, then the percentage take up of FTTC must be reasonably low. However, on an estate like mine and the OP's, the percentage take up would be massive as everybody is suffering massively and despeartely wants a solution.


Markt_20 you correctly point out that openreach and BT retail are separate companies and this adds even more to the frustration, as Openreach decide which cabinets to upgrade and yet there is absolutely no way of contacting them, making them aware of a cabinet and putting forward a case for your local cabinet to be upgraded.


So those of us with a very poor connection either have to 1. move house or 2. sit and wait as the rest of the country gets continually faster broadband, hoping that one day the locl cabinet may be upgraded, whilst suffering not being able to use any modern streaming services, not being able to have more than one user using the internet at one time and generally becoming very frustrated by the whole situation.

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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

I feel sorry for you as I am in the same position, I pass a BT Infinity poster on one of their cabinets a few hundred yards from my cabinet and can not believe that they have not upgraded the one for my house as it is next in line.

I have had many issues with my BT internet and called them to resolve slow internet which magically gets beter when i complain so I was hoping BT infinity would be the solution but I am in no way sure if it is worth my time to investigate further.

Simply, when BT say an exchange is active, they SHOULD provide customers with a schedule of cabinets to be upgraded if at all. Yes on paper openreach is a seperate company but we all know they once were simply just BT and now seperate entities.

All we want is toknow IF our cabinets will be upgraded at any time not some tracker where we insert our phone number to tell us what terrible internet speeds we have right now compared to people living close by.

Openreach seem to be catering to the highest number of BT users in an area not what is as they say is financially viable, that's just my opinion.

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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

Yup pretty annoying, I was getting the coming in September 2012 to your area, then January, it was finally delivered to my exchange end of February, then the brioadband tools started saying coming soon, ooh getting near soon, I thought, I'll mail them and ask when, must be pretty close now.


This is the response I got:-

Thank you for your enquiry.  You are connected to the Borough Green Exchange, cabinet 6.


As you will appreciate, Openreach is rolling out fibre broadband on a strictly commercial basis. When calculating the commercial viability of cabinet areas we take many factors into account. These include ensuring that we locate the cabinets in accordance with all national and local planning laws, ensuring that the cabinet does not obstruct pedestrians or provide a danger to all road-users. We must ensure that the DSLAM is located within 100m of its associated telephony connection cabinet and that there is adequate access to power and existing telephony infrastructure. To further enable the location of the DSLAM, we must accurately survey for underground structure and obstacles etc. As such we look at the potential return for our investment over a significant number of years, with the prospective number of take up of the service being a large percentage of households. 


Your cabinet 6 has had several possible positions to locate it surveyed, however, the financials were too great to build and maintain this cabinet at this time and as such, this cab has been deferred from the programme. You must understand that this decision was not taken lightly, however, we have made a commitment to our customers, shareholders and the government to roll-out fibre broadband to 66% of the UK by November 2014. This is a complex and long term project with finite timescales and funding, we have to work within this confinement which ultimately means some areas are deferred. However, we do intend to revisit areas not included in the initial rollout for possible deployment at a later date.


Smiley Frustrated


Didn't BT get subsidised by the government for this roll out?

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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

my cab has beenupgraded but because cable rooting is that bad my estimite is less then the speeds I get on adsl so much for superfast 7mb from it ha
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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

Does the cable affect your phone service?

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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

As a member of a Midland's Parish Council I have been trying to find out where our village sits in Openreach plans. We have been unable to find out who we can contact in Openreach to seek answers to our questions.


Does anybody know how to contact Openreach?

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Re: Openreach FTTC Roll out

Use this form. If you get an automated reply just keep re submitting until you get an human response.

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