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Openreach G.INP Trial

Will BT be participating in the g.inp trial that Openreach are running?

If they are, is it possible for mods to put customers lines froward for the trial and get them enabled with g.inp?

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Re: Openreach G.INP Trial

The trial has been ongoing since Februaly and I assume the required of numbers of customers over all the ISP's have been enrolled.

It is a bit late to ask to be enrolled in a trial which if proved successful will be rolled out to all customers starting in August.

Please note, this is only my opinion and not a statement of fact.

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Re: Openreach G.INP Trial

I was aware it had been going on for a while. Just noticed recently there was an article on ISP Review where Openreach were supposedly looking to roll it out to more lines but required ISPs to choose to do so.

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Re: Openreach G.INP Trial

I would be interested in this too. My understanding is that so far the trial has involved a very small number of ECI lines, but now there is the opportunity for ISPs to opt in their lines on a wider basis.

It would be useful to know if BT is planning to participate. Without G.INP or the possibility of 3dB SNR margin,  those of us on ECI cabinets are really hamstrung compared to Huawei customers.

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