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Openreach bad workmanship on install can't get them back to fix the mess

Please can someone help or offer me advice on what to do next. On the 6th November I had an engineer’s appointment to install my infinity 2 service. The engineer arrived and I showed him both of my telephone sockets and he asked where I wanted the socket for the hub so I pointed to one of the two sockets which are in the same room and the only sockets in the house.

He proceeded to take my old socket apart so I left him to it. After 10 minutes he asked me to test the service and I did a speed test and was getting 76 meg down and 16 meg up. He said that was him done and left my house.

When I got back to my pc I moved the hub to the other end of the shelf and my broadband disconnected. I subsequently found whenever I moved the cable to the hub it disconnected. Worse still I found, that on close inspection, the engineer has used a second hand face plate which looks like has been in the back of his van for the past year. It is covered in tiny scratches and scuffs. (see photo) It seems that the disconnection problem comes from this socket because if you wiggle the hubs plug at the socket it disconnects. I also found that he had left my telephone unplugged so I plugged it in and I lost sync again. If I plug the phone into the other socket in the room it disconnected as well.  

I got on the phone and raised a complaint but I was told that because the order was still showing as in progress I would have to phone again the following day before they could get an engineer back. I phoned BT early the next day and explained what had happened and when we went through some checks and it would appear that none of the sockets are wired up as a master socket. They logged it as bad workmanship and said Openreach would be in contact within 10 days to make an appointment to fix the problem and re-wire a master socket. 7 days passed and I heard nothing so I spoke to BT only to be told that the fault had been closed. They couldn’t give me a reason why it had been closed so I asked for the fault to be logged again and I took a note of the reference number this time.

Now it is 10 days since I reported the problem for a second time and I haven’t heard a thing from BT or Openreach. I phoned BT 3 days ago and was told that Openreach should be in touch with me soon and the lady who I reported the fault with would be in contact but neither have contacted me. So what can I do? I can’t connect my landline phone because it disconnects what little internet I have, my speed is dropping each day because of the frequent disconnections if I so much as plug the phone in or move the Hub lead.


HELP – Where do I go from here?


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Re: Openreach bad workmanship on install can't get them back to fix the mess

The forum Mods will post there link here once they read your post

They normally reply within3/5 working days after you have contacted them

They will contact you personally by email or phone and take personal ownership of your problem until resolved mod contact.JPG

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Re: Openreach bad workmanship on install can't get them back to fix the mess

Hi Prototypeuk,


I'm really sorry about that the engineer has left your BT Infinity install like that. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details and we'll help you get this sorted. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Openreach bad workmanship on install can't get them back to fix the mess

Hello Neil, Thank you for your fast response, I have filled in the form.


Kind Regards

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