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Openreach can't find my adress

I live in a newly built home and dont have access to fibre broadband despite my neighbours all having the option for upgrades. I called BT about this and they told me my address doesn't have fibre available right now even though there is a cabinet right next to my house and that I needed to talk to Openreach directly as they don't own them anymore. But over the past 3 days i've been getting frustrated by the fact that i cannot reach out to a human to talk to on openreach and i keep getting automated responses from emails, their live chat, and their phone line that puts me in a loop everytime. Their latest email that they sent to me after filling out 2 forms to register my interest, this is what i keep getting told.

Thanks for getting in touch with us about fibre broadband availability in your area.


I've looked into this for you but I'm having some trouble finding your address on our system.


Can you confirm the address where telephone number XXXXXXXXX is working at please?


The address you gave us was: XXXXXXXXXXXXX


I would request you to please confirm the Post code with the complete address on which you require Fibre connection, so that we can provide you with the exact information of the fibre availability.

I can confirm that the adress and phoneline i gave them is correct, and i also sent them an invoice from BT proving that the adress is ours. I don't know what to do, does anyone have an idea? Thank you

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Re: Openreach can't find my adress

is your home new build on an estate or part of a small development?

is you address correct on royal mail database?

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Re: Openreach can't find my adress


Do you already have a working BT Retail phone line?

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