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Re: Openreach database error

And yes FTTC i was one looking at sorry. 4 guys from openreach could not undestand why houses connected to same distribution point (dp488) would be connected to different exchange? Is it possible then?

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Re: Openreach database error

Yes it is perfectly possible. Very unusual and rare.


Just noticed you previous post. You are connected to the same exchange but different cabinet.


Again perfectly possible.

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Re: Openreach database error

Thank you. How unusual? Within 2 semi detached properties (adjoining) 2 different cabinets?

Can i test it with tone generator? I just want to make sure this is not an error. ADSL is appalling especially during peak times at around 2mb max 😕

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Re: Openreach database error

We've seen it happen quite often with the same street.

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Re: Openreach database error

But is there any way to have it checked though?

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Re: Openreach database error

the openreach checker will have the correct information when using your phone line  just you are obviously on a different cabinet which has not been fibre enabled


Cabinet P4   FTTC Available from 13th September 2012   Phase 09a 2012-2013   300   ECI   CV4 7DB 


Cabinet P14   Fibre Not Available            CV4 8AG  


openreach will not change your cabinet just to get a better internet conenction  this has been covered many times on the forum

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Re: Openreach database error

Thank you. I'm fully aware of network infrastucture and would not expect any changes. My question is still not fully answered though. Or at least trying to hold on to the last of the hope.


House on the right from my property got fibre, next door neighbours on a left (semi detached so we are join in) not, then house next to them (left) no fibre but next door to them fibre available. Cabinet 4 is at the end of the road on a right so clearly connection to the left is passing all of properties with no fibre. Cabinet 14 (on a left) is fibre enabled also. Altought service is provided by warwick net for business only


I've managed to open the case with openreach, but still just trying to understand how would that work. And again this was an openreach engineer (actually 2 teams) who clearly said this must be an error as all houses are connected to the same dp. Also wished me luck: to manage to get to someone high up to be happy to look into it. That is why this question appeared


I really appreciate all answers but still not managed to find how can i just check it. Mismatch of left/right cabinets/connection is quite interesting

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Re: Openreach database error

one of the houses on our block has the same issue, openreach advised them to contact their ISP and request some "gold" request which involves the ISP contacting openreach with a database error report and requesting openreach to do a manual check on the network infrastucture for that property. the ISP was vodafone and up to now it still hasnt been fix'ed (not bad since the houses where built 8 years ago)


side note the cab that openreach says the house is connected to is outside a industrial estate 3 miles (as the crow flys) away on the other side of the city and over 2 rivers.

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