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Openreach database error

Okay, this is half vent, half appeal to anyone who's had a similar issue to see what can be done

Basically, Openreach have just finished setting up the FTTP connections into my building of 37 flats. We are able to place an order, but only for FTTC broadband. On 2 occasions now I've had an engineer get to my flat, only to have no idea what's going on because there is no traditional copper connections. We shouldn't be able to place these orders in the first place, and I can imagine it's leading to a lot of wasted resources from the broadband providers.

Ultimately it goes down to Openreach's database. When I search my postcode on their dropdown list, my building doesn't come up, but the one across the street, which I know only has 24 flats, has addresses upto 37 flats. So it seems obvious to me what has happened- when they were updating their records after completing their engineering work, they updated their database but got the incorrect building name - I know that building is FTTP ready anyway so the existing residents shouldn't have any issues, but now there are 13 non-existent flats across the street that are FTTP ready, and 37 here that can't get anything. It is just staggering how this could happen, it's almost comical.

The BT FTTP team were helpful and seemed to understand the problem, and have raised the issue with Openreach, so hopefully there will be a resolution soon, but anything else anyone can suggest?? I hate just waiting, especially when it's for a company that have repeatedly demonstrated their incompetence to me

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Re: Openreach database error

The FTTP sales team are the only ones who can resolve this for you. They've done it in the past.

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Re: Openreach database error

I talked to them last night so hopefully there'll be an update soon
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Re: Openreach database error

7-10 days is the norm for the update of the database.

Easy check for you is go HERE enter your phone number or address and look for a "Test Date" at the bottom of the table.

As soon as the test date is after your request you should be able to order.

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