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Openreach didn't turn up.



Signed up for BT mobile, that is setup to get a tonne of money out of you when your allowance runs out.


Now..... BT arranged the other day for an engineer to come round to set up my broadband. Right away says - I can't help you - you need OpenReach. Well why the heck were they sent then?!  Surely BT should work out when you are on the phone to them that you need Openreach to come round to do some work first. What a waste of time and hassle for both myself and the engineer...


so I have to phone BT again, they arrange with Openreach to come to my house to sort out the wiring and telephone socket..... but they haven't even turned up. They were supposed to be here by 1pm today.


Nothing but problems with BT and Openreach so far.

What do I do now. I am currently waiting for BT to answer the phone and been told by their automated bot that it will be a 30 minute wait.


Also, is Openreach owned by BT? it wouldn't surprise me with the shoddy service.



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Re: Openreach didn't turn up.

Have you previously habriadband and are moving to BT Retail from another ISP ( TT, SKY etc)?

the engineer who turned up was a contractor employed by openreach.  Normally if you have an existing phone line then broadband is self install without engineer visit unelected you were getting FTTP - fibre to the premises

openreach is own by the BT GROUP as is BT Retail but there is no more contact between BT Retail and openreach than there is by TT or SKY or any ISP and openreach as per OFCOM

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