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Openreach have switched my number with someone else’s

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Yesterday my landline number suddenly switched. I have always had a number talk talk provided me with even after I switched to nowtv. A few years ago openreach switched me to a spare line as the one I had was crackling. This line was originally allocated to my neighbour who I share a box attached on our adjoining porches.

A new person has just moved in and I think openreach have switched our lines. When I call my old number it just rings out. Because my number changed my broadband no longer works.

nowtv have requested an engineer but nothing has happened so far.

I am working from home  but can’t do my job while this is unresolved so I will have to travel into work on public transport due to this mistake.

This should be easy to put right but I can’t speak to anyone at at openreach and nowtv tell me it might be another 4 days before anything is done.

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Re: Openreach have switched my number with someone else’s

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This is a forum for BT Retail customers and there is no link from this forum to openreach.  You need to get in contact with your own ISP

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