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Openreach versus Indian call centre




first time post, Im having real issues between Openreach and the Indian call centre:(,


This fault started 12 weeks ago as a broadband fault but as engineers called out and no improvement it was changed to a phone line fault, still more engineers called out, last 2 engineers that came to my house both said the fault is intermittent phone line fault under ground. I then waited 3 days for complaints to call me back(as you cant contact them) I told them wot the engineers siad to me and there responce was to send me a new router and monitor the line(a JOKE). In total of 8 engineers and over 100 phones calls After another 3 weeks I got so angry I demanded to speak to a manager, the day after he rang me, did a screen share, criticise me for having a home PC, Xbox One and 3 phones connected to my router:(, then prosimed me its fixed and asured me I wont have any more problems!!!!!! As good will from BT he offered my charges back and ONE months free internet credited to my account next month. Had fingers crossed its finaly sorted:)


Well the next day I tryed to pay some bills on line and the pagers took forever to load so I did a speed check, one with BT Wholesale and one with, both came back with less then 2 meg download, Im paying for BT Infinity option 1 which at the moment is offered out at 52 meg normally 32meg:(.


As a long term customer to BT thats been very happy with the service and Ive evern recommend them to my family and friends Ive finaly had enough!!!!


Question is where, who and what can I do now? My contract runs out next August:(

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