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Openwrt modem software and BT Youview TV

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with BT. I was sold BT sports on BT Tv through pressure selling without being asked what router I was using. After putting a help request into BT I had a call from an engineer saying I had to enable IGMP as BT tv uses multicast. He even admitted to usind a 3rd party router but could not help me. I have spent weeks researching and trying to teach myself  new skills (unsuccesfully). I have a Linksys WRT3200acm which I have flashed with OpenWRT 19.07 as I believe through research that was the more likely firmware to work - unfortunately I can't  make it happen as my skills are not up to it. Can anyone help me please before I cancel my subscription and get something else?

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Re: Openwrt modem software and BT Youview TV


The Linksys documentation is not very informative but I've found a couple of links that might help:-

Doing a search on "Linksys WRT3200 igmp" will throw up some more probably.

BT supplied equipment will obviously work with their susbcription services as will some other modem/routers but not all will but it does seem that yours may well work with either standard firmware or OpenWRT but getting more help might prove difficult.


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Re: Openwrt modem software and BT Youview TV

Thanks for your input @TimCurtis . Unfortunately I tried these solutions a while ago.  The closest I have been was to  put the Youview box on a subnet which got a different IPC error but seemed like progress. Unfortunately the rest of the house lost connection, I got shouted at and had to install a backup!

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Re: Openwrt modem software and BT Youview TV

ok I have got a little closer by installing DD-WRT and following this installation guide

I can get the channel line up channel to play but seem to lose all internet connection and get the error IPC6011.


Does anyone know how I bridge the 'bro' interface with my lan? I don't use the wifi of the router as I have linksys velop's attached inbridge mode.


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