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Optimal hub restart times to allow line speed to be updated?

Simple question, I have recently got a new hub (hh3) which when first connected, linked at 3500kb, after a 8 days there was no change in line speed, while doing some house electrical work I had to turn the power off, upon hub restart it reconnected at 10500kb..Great. Obviously getting close to the max possible line speed of my old hub (16000kb or thereabouts). I know if you keep restarting your hub the DSLAM at the exchange detects this as a line speed issue and reduces you IP profile. As the hh3 obviously cannot on the fly or dynamically adjust its link speed to the exchange eg. It requires the hub to be restarted. The question is raised, how often should you restart your hub to allow IP profile link speed increases to be detected, but at the same time no to often for the DSLAM to thinks you have a poor connection and slow you IP profile down?


Sure one of the BT tech team has the answer..i am sure there is a reconnection tolerance before IP profile reduction eg. 2x/week.





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Re: Optimal hub restart times to allow line speed to be updated?

hi you can safely restart about 5 times in an hour without much problem some people turn there hub off each night with no problem try a restart between 8am and 1300  that should give you the best speed  for a restart


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