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Orange color of power loght and red light of brodband logo is flashing

Hi there!
I just moved in to this house and thing is
Just only my floor has no Wifi
Ground floor have second floor also have Wifi
Landlord said he paying for BT every month
It's really weird right? At the moment I'm using up stairs wifi which is BT hub(but it's keep kicking me out connecting is really bad)
Whole house in the service but just only my floor has no wifi...
I found one of BT's router which is my flat mate received
But she tried before but it didn't work like same as now
I didn't know about that so I just found socket in my room(it's MK socket...the product name is BS 6312)
I connected to that socket and turned on the router
Was flashing green power light and turn to blue light and it just turned to orange power light with flashing red light of broadband logo.
I followed the instruction
And it say when it's first time to install broadband
It might take up to 24 hours. So I just waited 24 hours
But still flashing.
ok behind of that I could see another way which is wait untill 10days...
I really don't know what should I do
Landlord just said to me when I'm feel free calling to BT and ask about it
I said no cause this is not my responsibility
I paid 200 pound for agency fee( he is my landlord and agency as well)
Still do I need to do something? And still I need to be in trouble? Hell nope
But you know what he didn't figured it out
It's already been 3 weeks
And I need Wifi for taking my lecture so what can I do?
Now I'm on my way to sort it out this problem by my self.
I called to BT but they said they can't help me if I'm not the right person who actually paying this bill
But they're right! I'm not the person who paying this bill
So Basically I can't give any information which is what BT's need....
At the end I found here
And I really need a help!!:(
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Re: Orange color of power loght and red light of brodband logo is flashing

You can't put 2 routers on 1 BB service. If your landlord is providing BB for the whole house than he will have the router providing this BB service & the rest of you will need to connect to it over WiFi (not by having your own router).


Have you asked your landlord for the WiFi pwd & tried to connect to it from your devices?

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