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Order is still open - not being resolved


I have an open order, which should have been closed just after my hometech expert visit which happened on 14th July - this was part of my home move order, which should have originally happened on 26th June, but for some reason the  whole  house move order was cancelled so I had to re-order (for the 14th July). Still shows as a fault with our landline, which is working fine!

My order included BT TV, Sport, landline and broadband. I had been receiving a couple of phone calls from BT to update me as to why this order was still open, something about them having to close things manually, and was promised a call back last week, which didn't happen.

As it stands, because the order is still open, I can't order wifi extender discs which I need for downstairs (I wanted to invrestigate the cost of upgrading our current HALO package), and also wanted to arrange for a BT openreach engineer to come and move our master socket to a different location. My July bill was amended accordingly, but i am  anxious to get this issue resolved asap. Also wish to discuss upgrading our current phoneline package as i feel i had been mis-sold the BT mobile option which has now left us with several deadspots in our property where we don't get a reliable 4G signal (moved from O2 on the recommendation of the first assistance who I placed the original home more request with.....)!

Normally can't fault BT and have been a customer for a number of years now, but over the last few weeks I have been left feeling let down.

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