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Order not closed even though service live

Hi all,

I am not even sure where to post this.

After a lot of hassle and wasted time my fibre (FTTP) finally went live on 29.09.18 (original date was supposed to be on 20.10.)

The order for it in my BT profile is still not closed, it says "awaiting outcome of engineer visit."

I have tried to contact BT a few times, most recently to try to ensure that I am billed from the 29th and not the 20th, but I don't feel like my question was even understood. The person I spoke to also either didn't pay any attention to the open order, or maybe did not have insight into it (although that sounds improbably.)

To be honest it doesn't seem to me that anyone is interested in closing the order properly - and I don't want to be hit with the full charge at the end of my contract!

I've found dealing with anything related to FTTP extremely difficult so far and while I am happy with the speed, any issue that arises spirals into a giant problem it seems.

Hopefully someone can help me here, I've always found that this is the most helpful place for BT problems. I've been on the chat and I've been on the phone and honestly I don't believe it is my problem to chase a company to bill me correctly!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Order not closed even though service live

Hi @jjaann

Unfortunatley all issues related to the FTTP service have to be dealt with by the FTTP team. 

However, if your service is live you may want to have an online chat and ask them if they can send your order to the offline team to be closed manually.  

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Re: Order not closed even though service live

OK I'll try that. Thanks.
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