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Order not complete?

Hello there,


I recently placed an order for Unlimited Weekend plan on my phone line, which was activated on the 19th of April.

I have used my phone, for both incoming and outgoing calls, including the 1571 service. My flat is close to the centre of a large town, and my exchange has (according to SamKnows) been unbundled.


Now, I am trying to recieve broadband on the line from another provider that isn't BT. But everytime that I try to do so, the provide (be it o2, AOL, BE etc.) says that my line is not activated, or that it is busy (when it isn't, the phone is unplugged and I can ring the number from my mobile and the line will ring) or that my order is incomplete.


I have spoke to several tech depts. of the providers, and have also been through fault tracking on BT several times. The BT fault tracker says the line is busy... when I know for 100% certain that there is nothing my end that is using the line for anything. So essentially, I keep getting sent round in circles and I am no closer to getting broadband.


Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?

Thanks in advance...



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Re: Order not complete?

Hi Isandunk

Have you tried to do a broadband check on your number?

If it shows that it is not available or doesn't give a speed, then it's possible there is a problem BT's side.
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Re: Order not complete?

Thanks monkey,


All broadband checks that I do show that I can get a giddy speed of 0 Mb/s - obviously this cannot be correct. I spoke to a useful guy at O2 Tech Support - he said to me that characteristics of my line were missing, such as the distance from the exchange. He also said that when he checked my number, it showed that my line had recently been activated / had still not finished activating. I have asked Customer Services @ BT this several times and no-one has an answer for me.


I have tried ringing BT Wholesale, via a number that I recieved from ringing Customer Services. They were no help, infact they hung up on me - which about sums up the services I have recieved thus far from BT.


PLEASE can someone assist me with this? I cannot get an answer from anyone, anywhere @ BT. I really cannot be bothered to go through the rigmour of talking to OFCOM just to sort this out!

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Re: Order not complete?

Hi Isandunk,


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry you're having problems with your order. I can check things from our end if you wish. Drop me an email to with your account details and a link to this thread for reference and I'll look into it.





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