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Order questions

Sorry if I post in the wrong forum but I can't find any forum regarding ordering so I just went with a coin toss and post my question here.


I ordered a phone + BB package from BT on Tuesday (16 Feb).


First question:

Background info: There is a phone socket at my (just moved in) place but there is no dial tone so I assume at least it needs a "connection" or something like that according to my reading of the Help section on BT website. My flat is about 2-3 years old and I think there have been tenants living there before. I have a friend who bought a recently-built flat (with a phone socket but no dial tone - similar to mine) and it took 1 month for him from ordering to actually get the BB in.


As of current, my "Estimated order completion date" is Tuesday 23 February 2010 for both phone and BB.


Is that date usually reliable?


I read around quite a bit and have seen several horror stories in various forums about ordering from BT and that kinda makes me quite afraid. And especially when my friend is kinda in the same situation and it took him 1 month while mine is estimated to be 1 week. I need to know so that I can try to make alternative arrangement for Internet if necessary. I need Internet for work.



Second question:

My order status has been "Open" for 2 days.


What are the various order statuses? As in will it move from Open to like "Processing" then "Completion" or something like that?


Is it normal to have it "open" for 2 days?


I'm quite afraid that I may become one of those horror stories about having an order sit on for a long time with nobody acting on it because nobody knows what is happening. As I have said, I need Internet for work.


Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Order questions

Hi Testdasi,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


Installation of services can depend on a number of factors including works needed at the exchange and engineer availability etc. The estimated order completeion date is usually reliable but if there is a delay you should be notified. Your order will remain open until completion at which point it will be listed as closed. I can check your order for you if you wish. Email your details to including a link to this post for reference and we'll take it from there.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: Order questions

Thanks DavidM. I just sent the email. Finger crossed. I'll be quite screwed if I don't get Internet next week.

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Re: Order questions

Just a couple of bad updates.


  • I emailed the mod with my detail and apparently, my order couldn't be looked up with the order reference number because mine starts with AJ which is not the "normal" ones starting with VOL and BTCOM. Why the heck do I get the "abnormal" order number?


  • It's 18:03 Tuesday 23 February 2010 right now and nothing appears to be completed like the "Estimated order completion date" suggests. Both my broadband and phone line is "estimated" to be completed "Tuesday 23 February 2010". There has been no phone call, no email, no communication whatsoever that there will be a delay of any sort. And the phone number on the order tracking page is still "You've dialed an incorrect number".

Still 6 hours left but my hope is not too high now, considering few companies work after 18:00 (and I'm definitely not expecting such things with BT). Man Sad

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Re: Order questions

Quick note to the mods:


Thank you very much for your help so far and my apology for cancelling the order (and placed a new one over the phone). Even Craig the mod said my order number was unusual and it played an important role in my deciding to cancel it. At least my new order number is now the normal VOL011 one.


Greatly appreciate your help.

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