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Orders continually failing - have had enough

I want to move my phone and broadband from Post Office to BT as Fiber broadband has just be enabled in our area and our current connection is very slow.

I've now had about 4 or 5 attempts at putting the order through only for them to have 'problems' each time.

The "go live" date on the second attempt at the order was supposed to be last Thursday with the equipment due to arrive on the Tuesday.

When the Order Tracker was showing that the Equipment had not even dispatched on the Tuesday I contacted them repeatedly about it and was each time told that the order was on track and that the stuff was being sent out.

On Wednesday night I was explicitly told "I can see from the system that the equipment has been dispatched and will be delivered tomorrow via royal mail" .

That turned out to be a flat out lie. The next day I phoned up after the postman had been without delivering any parcels to be told that the order had not progressed (on another system) and wasn't being activated at all.

Apparently the order tracker and what the agents are seeing doesn't reflect the truth of what's actually going on in any way.

Since then I've lost track of the amount of hours I've spent on the phone and online chat with them.

Over the weekend I was told I'd have to seize my current service, have the phone disconnected, reconnected be given a temporary number before I'd be given my current one back and that I'd be without broadband for "a number of days" while stuff was being re-connected.
Resigned to this I phoned Post Office to do that and they told me that there was no reason why BT could not take over the line and that doing it in the way they suggested would be highly disruptive and I'd have to pay reconnection charges.

I spoke to BT then Monday lunchtime when the agent who then said I wouldn't have to do that after spending about 50 minutes on the phone with me put the order on to an Offline team to deal with.

I eventually got an email Tuesday detailing the submitted order but it's once again showing as not progressing as planned. I just got off online chat with them and apparently an active line at the property is causing a problem.

I know there's an active line - it's the one I'm trying to move!!!

It's a BT Open Reach line - there's nothing special about it.
My parents recently moved from Post Office in the exact same way and they had none of these difficulties.

While individual agents have been nice enough and tried to help you have to constantly explain everything over and over again, spend hours and hours of time on the phone. Wait for days for a promised ring back that never comes and suffer being told untruths and being outright lied to.

I've had enough with them - at lunch time today I told them than I'm expecting a ring back from some sort of manager within 2 hours or I'd be cancelling and going elsewhere. I've not heard back. If I dont hear something today I'll be cancelling and reporting the shocking treatment I've received to OFCOM

I work in IT, friends and family ask my advice about these sort of things. From now on I'll be telling them not to go anywhere near BT. Absolute shocking treatment and "customer service"

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Re: Orders continually failing - have had enough

Hi theARE,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry there have been problems with the order. I'm sure I can help get this sorted for you. Can you please send over the details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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