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Orders keep on failing

I have been trying to complete by BT order for a number of weeks now having been enticed by £250 cashback from Quidco and the £125 Sainsburys vouchers.


Every time I put through my order I receive the confirmation email but when I call to confirm the order it has failed at the BT end.


I have tried every combination of package to try and get the order through, but it seems the only way to complete is if it is manually done through call centre so I wont receive any cashback or vouchers.


Nobody seems to know why my order is failing each time. I have been told that I have completed the order incorrectly by one person, I've completed the order while talking to someone over the phone and also I have been told that because I am coming from Sky I have to have normal none fibre broadband first and then upgrade later, which means I can't get the incentives. No body seems to have a definitive answer.


If BT can get my order through with guaranteed £250 cashback with Quido and the £125 Sainsburys voucher they've got themselves a sale but at the moment it's not looking good.

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Re: Orders keep on failing

Finally managed to get this through on the 8th attempt last night. 


Seems that there are issues if you try to go straight to Infinity 2 from standard broadband because a technician's appointment is needed.


I had to wait for my first order to be cancelled and completely cleared from the system before I could order again.


I went for Infinity 1 (no appointment needed) and the order went through.


Quidco has tracked so only time will tell if this pays out.

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