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Out of area calls

I have had BT Call Protect for some time, and had blocked both international and unknown/out of area calls. The past few days we have had a considerable number of calls shown on our Panasonic phones as unknown/out of area but, on checking in Call Protect manager, it seems that blocking these is no longer a general option. I can block international calls,  or those with a withheld number, but the third option is no longer present.

On checking my call log, it seems that today's calls have all originated from a range of numbers which start +6447 whereas yesterday's all started +42. If these were truly international calls they would be blocked by my Call Protect setting, but clearly they are spoofed numbers.

I gave up answering calls from numbers that look "wrong" some time ago, as I'm just fed up with people telling me my internet/Amazon account etc. has been compromised. I therefore haven't actually answered any of these calls.

Any advice as to how I can block them would be gratefully received, as they are now of sufficient number to be a nuisance.

Also, does anyone know why BT Call Protect has had the option to block Unknown/Out of Area calls removed?

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Re: Out of area calls


The only 100% solution, is to buy a call blocking phone, like the BT4600.