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Outlook Latptop IMAP email intermittent failure with WholeHomeWifi


I have a recurring, intermittent problem, and would be appreciative of any advice.

I have WholeHomeWifi on a BT Hub 2.  I am running Outlook on a laptop connected wirelessly.

I have installed an IMAP email account successfully. It works successfully for an unpredictable length of time before failing.

Failure is:

1) Unable to synchronise IMAP folders in Outlook 365 app on laptop

I have:

1) Reinstalled Outlook, correctly checked server settings, reinstalled the IMAP account - done all of these multiple times

2) Synchronised Outlook via VPN on my iPhone - works fine - so I assume it is not a primary Outlook problem.

3) Reset my Hub.


1) This happens on occasion with no predictable reason.  For example, I reset everything today, and it was only after opening and closing the app 5 times that it failed.


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