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Outlook keeps requesting my password

Whenever I start Outlook  to check my btinternet mail it asks for my password. Even if I reinsert it asks again and won't send or receive email.


Only work around is to log into yahoo webmail then log out and then outlook works until the next time.


There was a log post which was closed as supposedly the issue had been fixed. Sorry to say in my case it hasn't.


I have tried various suggestions that have been posted but all to no avail.


Logged the problem with Yahoo Customer Care  but no response despite promising to get back to me in 24-48 hours.

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Re: Outlook keeps requesting my password

Yep same problem here, not been working on my iPhone for over a month and has now stopped working within Outlook 2010 since Saturday.


Very annoying to be honest especially considering the amount of people with the same problem, been with BT for 12 years and this is the only problem I've had so that's a bonus 😞

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