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Outstanding Balance: £140.80

Eyup fellas,


I just checked my online statement for BT and it states that I have an outstanding balance of £140.80.


Now, I'm assuming what it's done is charged me for 3 months at once - which  I suppose is fine, but I'm just looking for confirmation. See, I receive my latest account no April 16 (I actually joined sometime before that, around the end of May if I remember correctly, but when I asked if I could go from Package 2 to Package 3, you decided to disconnect my phoneline... credit to you, you admitted your mistake and we moved on, I'm just mentioning it as it's important for the scenario) and paid what I thought was for the first 3 months (First 3 months free, but you pay for the line rental)


I did that with no problems at all. That's all paid for.


That was on April 16th, paid for 3 months. Now 3 months from that date is 16th July (Although the account was made on the 6th I think, so it'd be up to 6th July). So I assumed that my outstanding balance would be £00.00 up until that date, and on that date it would go up to the monthly cost. (Which would be somewhere between £40-50 if I remember correctly.


Instead it states £140.80. Here is a screenshot.




Now, the number is alarming enough. Then it states I need to pay by the 17th of April? Surely that's a mistake?


Anyway, I also noticed that the next bill is due on the 6th of October.


What I am assuming is that I have received a £140 outstanding balance as that's what I am required to pay for July, August and September. If that's the case...


a) Do I need to pay immediately, or just before 6th October

b) Is there anyway to make it so I can pay 1 month at a time?


Now what I'm fearing is this...


When I made the first account I didn't realise how much bandwidth I actually used, so I asked to upgrade it. The lady on the phone apparently misheard that is "Disconnect my phoneline".


Don't worry, some Irish lad sorted that out for me and explained it, and then gave me a new account (a new account, I didn't upgrade the old one). I then assumed that seeing as it was a new account I was re-eligible for the 3 months free deal that was going with it; thus meaning that the £140.80 is the cost for the first 3 months that I thought I was getting free.


If you'd be willing to enlighten me on this I'd be very grateful. If you need any more info just let me know.







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Re: Outstanding Balance: £140.80

Anyone... ?

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Re: Outstanding Balance: £140.80

Hi Dan,


You could try the Billing Live chat facility. They're open M-F 9-6 -


(keep a copy for your recordsSmiley Wink)


If they can't help, let us know and we'll go from there

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Re: Outstanding Balance: £140.80

This is a customer to customer forum and we cant help you with billing issues such as this, you need to speak with billing

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