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Outstanding debt

I have recently received a letter from a debt recovery service for an outstanding debt. The problem with this is I have not lived in the property for two years and I only lived in the property for three months. When I first moved in I had to pay £120 pounds to get a line put in, then I carried on with my contract. Unfortunately my situations changed and I had to leave the flat I was in. BT would only cancel my contract if I paid £140 pounds, no other offfer was made to me. So I carried on paying my monthy bills as I could not pay this debt. Eventually I cancelled my contract from the bank. But now I have received a letter from the debt collection company asking for £140 pounds. In total I have spent £120, plus three bills, and a continuation of payments (as I couldn't afford to pay off the contract) for three months worth of Internet and phone usage. If I add on the total with the contract closure that comes to (120+90+ 140) £250 for three months worth of service. Which averages at £83 per month of usage, nit including the months I carried on paying. This feels like I have been clamped by a private clamping company and they are hiding behind the law but really are robbing me. Sam
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