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Over charged data

Hi hope some one can help please.

4 months ago I changes mobile phone provider for my company phones. I had 1 with o2 and 2 with three all with unlimited calls texts and 2 gb of data. We've always used iPhones and for the last couple years it's been iPhone 5s.

Changed to BT as wanted everything to be under one bill to make things a little bit easier.

So the new contract was for £20 each + vat with 2 gb of data which was fine as we had never went past 1.5gb data with previous providers. I've never had a phone bill bellow £100 my las bill was £147.32 and my next bill is at £200 so far.

I've called 4 times now to explaine that I'm not doing nothing different from what I've been doing for atleast the last 4 years with previous providers and all I'm told is they cannot comment on my previous providers as they don't have the details in front of them which is fair enough but I'm being advised to buy more data or pay the 50p per mb I swapped over to save money not to be fooled to end up spending upto 4 times more than I was before I switched to BT mobile.

I've also been advised to download a data counter and switch of mobile data when not in use. I've never had to do this before I shouldn't have to do it now I feel I've been total ripped off.

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Re: Over charged data

Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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