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Over charged

Back in Decemeber I cancelled my BTSport HD. The advisor I spoke to told me that I was in debit so I needed to make one direct debit payment of £66.50 and then my payments would reduce to £45 per month from January.


Today I realise I've been charged at £66.50 each month - an overpayment of £43 in my eyes.


This evening I phoned BT and was told that I would receive a refund of £39 (in a months time) and pay £47 per month,


10 minutes later an email arrives telling me I'll be paying £58.50 per month from March.


I then start an online chat to be told that although my reccuring monthly charge is £48 BT like to charge me a bit more to "help keep me in credit" so I'll be paying £53 per month.


Assuming that the advisors don't simply pull numbers out of the air how is it that I'm told 4 different prices, 3 in the same evening?


I've not heard of this extra payment to keep my credit up before.


I'm told that my TV package is £7.45 per month yet the package I think I have is advertised at £5 per month.


How do I know what I should be paying? The latest bill on myBT page is from November.

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Re: Over charged

you'll find that everything went up in december and this includes the tv packages


the monthly plan is a pain to get back on the correct payment and can be a pain to make a one-off payment


their pay bill at once is a good plan, but can also be a nightmare, until 98% of other companies out there BT won't allow you to change your billing date and if you want to pay on a set date you have to be on the monthly payment plan, which has the issues you see - bt look at your packages and then look at what you used over previous months and thinks you are going to use the same again (so if you have a large one-off payment bt treat this as ongoing usage and will increase your bill accordingly, so you could pay more than double the amount each month for the service)

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Re: Over charged

Yes, the Monthly Payment Plan can easily get out of control, frequently treating one-off payments as recurrent with bizarre results. It's simply not fit for purpose and, given that the majority of customers in these days of packaged services have fairly consistent charges, is best avoided. The helpdesk can't cope with it and trying to get them to sort out anomalies is liable to make things worse.


I would recommend switching to monthly billing. I did so some time ago after a last-straw issue with the MPP and have enjoyed a far better service since. The downsides are that you cannot choose your direct debit date (it will be about 8 days after your bill) and that any one-off payments have to be settled in full at the end of the month in which they occurred. A small price to pay for hassle-free billing.


If your account is in credit when you switch it will be applied to subsequent bills until the balance is used up. For example I had effectively paid the following quarter's charges when I switched, resulting in bills for £0.00 in the next 3 months.

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